The Motorcycle Adventures ...

Assorted photographs of the motorcycle adventures of Walter Colebatch and friends


Darkest Depths of Siberia - The Sibirsky Extreme Project

Three years spent exploring unridden and unexplored tracks across Siberia ... including the first ride

of the Anabar Road and Vilyuisky Trakt to an historical attempt on the full length of the BAM Road. 

Add in a couple of passes of the Road of Bones, the Pamir Mountains, the Afghan border and three

crossings of Mongolia, culminating in pioneering an all off road route across Eurasia, from Poland to Magadan.


Motorcycle World Record (Altitude) - The ANDES Extreme Project

Three guys head down to South America with bikes with one goal - to break the world altitude record.

The prevailing record stands at 6,245 metres and was done in the Himalaya in 2008. 

The Husaberg Adventure Team manages to break the record and improve it by 116m, to 6,361 metres.



Across Asia 1994 - The Tokyo to London Project

Back in 1994 - Across Japan, China, Mongolia, Siberia, Kazakhstan,

Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,

Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic,

Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain.



South America


















Bike pictures from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain

Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra,

Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia,

Bosnia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.






































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